The information on this page points to various spots of interest to
VPB 208 and people interested in the PBM.

This is a link to the PBM at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson Arizona.  This is
a photo downloaded from the page showing the aircraft and it's surroundings.
This is a link to the Pima Air Museum's PBM information.  also here.  You
will note that in the aerial photo, the aircraft appears not to be restored, since
it appears to be white, or silver, not the current black finish of the restoration.

This is a link to the Bu Number database for the Pima Aircraft.

These are the ICBM coordinates N 32.138175  W 110.86938.

I wish to have links to known locations of bases for any VPB 208, or other
squadron's bases, if possible.

Location                 Link           ICBM
Key West                 map
Banana River             map
Nassau                   map
La Fe, Cuba              map            N22d 2m 27.0s W84d 16m 13.98s (no map link)
Norfolk, Va              map 
Kerema Retto             map
Okinawa                  map        
   Accident photo *
Kyushu                   map
Saipan                   map
Shanghai                 map
Kaneoha, Hawaii          map
Ebeye Island             map
Johnson Island           map
Saipan                   map
Kawajulein Island        map
Westmoreland             map
Eagle Mtn. Lake Texas    map
Yokasuka, Japan.         Sept. 1945     harbor photo
                                       (from USS San Marcos Newsletter)

* Jim.... This is a photo of VPB-208,,,, B--15,, Crew " I " for " Item "  sinking after crashing on take-off at Chimu Wan, Okinawa on July 19 1945,,,No fatalities, no serious injuries.....    On your list of bases that VPB-208 was stationed,,,,,Yokasuka, Japan. Sept. 1945(E Callen)

Map source notes:

Virtual Earth
will not zoom past province scale for Cuba.  La Fe shown, but detail

Google Earth (note, link leads to download page, this is a downloadable program)
best bet, using ICBM coordinates.  La Fe visible with reduced
resolution imagery, and cloud cover  (uses terraserver)
no imagery for Cuba on Topo, or terraserver monochrome

Google maps
no cuba imagery