Letter From VPB-208 Member
Andy Knef in Tokyo Bay
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envelope from Japan.bmp
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Japan letter.bmp
This Envelope and letter are postmarked in Tokyo Bay.  Its return address

Andrew H Kneff AMM 3/c
VPB 208 c/o FBO
San Francisco, Calif

Dated Sept 2, 1945

Tokyo Bay
From:Andy Knef
1:09 PM
Subject: VPB-208
To: jwstephens -at - cox.net
CC: Jatoamk -at- cs.com

Hi Jim,
    Glad to hear that some of the guys from 208 are still alive----haven't
been able to get in touch with anyone from my crew.. I never got around to
getting the book that Walter Schuman put out- but I have a copy of the
squadron book Peter Bogie Mike, it has a picture of each of the squadrons
crews and their address as on 1945.  ( I have no idea if there is any more
copies available yet)  Did Walt tell you about VPNavy site, it has all the
seaplane squadrons in it----the site address is < www.vpnavy.com> just in
case you don't have it.  I go back to it every once in a while---in hopes of
finding one of my crewmen.

I don't recall all the fellows in the squadron , but we did see a lot of
action, the ship we were billeted on was the USS Hamlin AV-15, I recall that
the friggen ship's skipper, Capt G. A. Mc Lean, had that ship painted and
repainted the whole time time we were aboard.  Chip and paint-chip and
paint, someone said that Nimitz wanted to know who was using all that damn paint.

Did your  Dad ever send a letter home
from Japan that we were there a few days before the surrender? I'll ktry and
attacht it to this note. Just off hand I can't  think of too much else to
tell you lbut will keep in touch.  Give you Dad my best regards

                                                   Andy Knef

Louis Stephens (my Father, VPB-208 crew L) was on his way
home to leave the service and probably was not in
Tokyo Bay with the squadron.