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War Diary Fiche.

There were two microfiche obtained by Walt Schurman from
the Navy containing app 180 pages of reports submitted by
the commanders of the 208 during the war.

These include quarterly reports of unit activities and readyness
as well as operation details.  Also documents detailing exceptional
performance were included.

the documents are available via links below in two ways.
The first is a set of images from scanning the fiche in color
and are arranged in the order of the images on each fiche.
The images are arranged so that all reports are chronological
by date. 

the second way is to download them in a black and white
compressed graphical format, called PDF.  This will allow
reading using a program most systems have, but may
be obtained free from  If you do not
have a reader for PDF, the link below the fiche links may
be used to go to a page to download it.

War diary fiche  number one  number two
to download and read the entire diary set at
once you can download the following:

fiche1 (pdf) 6.8mb
fiche2 (pdf) 8.8mb

Acrobat reader may be downloaded from
download Acrobat Reader, which is free.

Downloading instructions:

If you wish to download and save these, rather than have
them displayinline, when you click on the fiche1 or fiche2
links above, hold the shift key when clicking.  This will cause
your browser (or should) cause it to allow you to save the
files on your computer, rather than have the browser display
it, as it downloads.

Another way to save it is to use your mouse and use the right
button when you point.  This will prompt you to specify a place
to save the file.

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