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45405 ... 45444 (EXACT MATCH)
Martin PBM-5 Mariner
45415 (VPB-208) crashed on Mount Tamalpias, CA Nov 30, 1944 when starting on trans-
Pacific ferry flight to Hawaii from SFO Sea Drome. All 7 crew killed.
45420 to US Coast Guard. Original Navy serial was kept.
45435 crashed in bad weather in Mexico while flying back to CGAS San Diego Feb 22, 1947.
10 on board killed, 2 survived.
145416 ... 145545
Vought F8U-1E Crusader
Redesignated F-8B in 1962
145449 on display at NAS Fallon Airpark
145450 converted to DF-8L
145459 fuselage stored at Falcon Field, AZ.
145498 converted to DF-8L
145528 converted to DF-8L
145527 converted to DF-8L. Remanufactured by Thunderbird Aviation
and given the N-number of N37TB

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More information on 45415 accident:

Peter Bogey Mike page lists 11 names:

The Flight on November 21, 1944 Was Crew B.  They were returning to
Base on Single Engine and Crashed in Frisco Bay.
Those killed on that flight were
Ens. W.F. Dempsey 2nd Pilot
Ens. R.G. Suggs 3rd Pilot
C. Brawner, AMM2/c
The Nov 30, 1944 Flight A/C #45415 that hit the Mountain.
LT. J. L. Resley PPC
LTjg T.W. Oliver JR 1st Pilot
ENS. C.B. Miller 2nd Pilot
H.L. Holland ACMM Plane Captain
Rodney Jeffers AMM2/c
Thomas Joyce ARM2/C
John R. Kelley ARM3/c
Wayne D. Paxon AOM2/C

the accident report available here, on http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/

Lake Washington PBM (Recovered 1996) BuNo 59172
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59172 wrecked May 6, 1942 while being ferried across Lake Washington from NAS Seattle to
Boeing seaplane ramp, where it was intended to be placed in storage. Collided with underwater
obstruction, capsized, and sank. Crew escaped unharmed.

Location                ICBM  N 47.505586  W 122.21392       Acme Topo
Info on Dive          Michael Parker
Recovery Report   link
Navy report           link

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