Squadron VPB 208

This site is dedicated to the members of Squadron VPB 208.  It will be a source of information
about their accomplishments from the inception of the squadron, till it's disbanding.

Also information about reunions may be published here from time to time.

Anyone wishing to share information with here is invited to email jwstephens@vpb208.org

PBM Photos

VPB 208 Photo collections.
    1. collection is from Noel Smith.
    2. collection from reunion 1991
    3. Crew O photo

Unit Record book, Peter Bogey Mike

VP navy site
Mariner Marlin Association page on VP Navy Site

Tokyo Bay Letter  Roster of Ships present at Surrender Ceremony, including
           AV-15 USS Hamlin

Photo Album from Banana River of Louis Stephens (crew L)

Bureau Number information for VPB-208 aircraft
Designators for aircraft

Louis Stephens Flight Log
Ed Callen Flight log  scans

Documents (war diaries)

Link to Map Pages

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ship info added August 11, 2004
Flight log and bureau # added August 5, 2005
Maps added Aug 9, 2005
War Diary added Nov 18,2005

last updated Nov 18, 2005

Links to other sites of interest

VPB-118 site

Link to NAS Fort Lauderdale page about Log books site


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